Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kondylatos for CREAID

Kondylatos for CREAID
CREAID is a non-profit organization with a targeted humanitarian mandate, served through creative and artistic initiatives.

Great Expectations by Pericles Kondylatos
The “Great Expectations” ring is inspired by the classical novel by Charles Dickens, which consists a great source of inspiration for me, due to the fact that the story and the heroes of the book have a resemblance to my life. I chose to use an image of the book that describes a very romantic era with values, visions, dreams, expectations and principles, that’s why I used the cameo and the roses, but at the same time there was too much cruelty and death with which the characters dealt with throughout the book, and was the frame inside which the whole story took place, this is why my ring is framed within a square of pearls that end up to a scull with two pearls in its eyes. This ring is made of silver, cameo, coral and pearls.

Zoulias / Kondylatos SS 2017 Campain Photos by Mara Desypris