Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kondylatos jewels featured @ Proto Thema news

“Thema People” - Proto Thema news – September . 2014
Interview: Maria Lemonia
Photos: Penelopi Massouri

Location: Grand Bretagne Hotel

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lady Gaga's thank you post to Pericles Kondylatos!

Lady Gaga's thank you post to Pericles Kondylatos!
On September 18 designer Pericles Kondylatos gave to Lady Gaga a tiara. The next day Friday 19 of September Lady Gaga appeared outside hotel Grande Bretagne wearing the crown & posted two pictures on Instagram wearing the crown! Saturday 20 of September Pericles Kondylatos send flowers at her hotel room and a “thank you” note for her. The same day Lady Gaga took a picture of the flowers and the note & she posted it on all of her social media accounts, writing:  

“The crown I wore yesterday was made by a fan, how sweet today they sent me some flowers and a note. What a lovely way to start the day. The pleasure is mine my darling. #LadyGaga”

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Photographing Lady Gaga’s crown: A moment lost in infinity

A few years ago as we were preparing for the Vassilis Zoulias fashion show at the Hellenic motor museum Takis Tsadilis proposed me to photograph the crown I had made for the bridal look that would wear Ros Georgiou the now international top model. I took the tiara in a box and took it to his studio.  It was the first time I would go there, the first of many that would follow as time proved. Takis wanted to photograph the tiara in an atmospheric dark mood, and we put a couch in the center of the studio and placed  the tiara on it . He did several experiments with the lights as he is a perfectionist – a trade of character I love in people, who is common amongst those who love passionately what they do. I on the other hand I started photographing him, photographing the crown. He was puzzled and said: ‘What are you doing? I said “I am photographing the process”. “What process? “he asked again. I said “I photograph the process of what we do”. He said: “baby here  is what we want” and he showed me his camera. I said “no, what we want in life the experience of things not THE things themselves”. He looked at me and said “whatever” and had an expression like saying “you do your weird things, I don’t mind”. I took pictures of him around the crown and made him, the environment and the process my focus. An hour later we were done, I took the crown, returned home, transferred the backstage pics on my pc and never seen them again until today. Neither of us could imagine that this crown would be worn by the most famous woman on the planet, but we knew that there was something about it. This article is dedicated to all of the little but very precious moments of our lives that pass us by and never return, and to all of the things we “know” in our hearts, but our minds cannot grasp them only until they happen.

Thank you, until the next post I send you all my love,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lady Gaga wears Kondylatos Jewellery

Lady Gaga made fashion statement appearing outside hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens - Greece on Friday 19 of September wearing a crown made by Pericles Kondylatos. The international superstar chose this Skull crown made by Swarovski crystals, pearls & sculls to complete her look as an alternative ancient Greek caryatid. A great honor for Greece and Pericles Kondylatos. The dress is also by a Greek designer Spyridon Tsagarakis.